Friday, September 28, 2007

Web Resources for Clinical Medicine

Langhorne Waterhouse, manager of the Erlanger/UTCOM Medical Library, is contributing some useful Web resources. While perhaps not exactly Web 2.0, these are very good Web sites. List of Medical Wikis

Wikis can be problematic and their information can be suspect, however, many examples (e.g., AskDrWiki and Ganfyd) are written by clinicians for clinicians. As such, they can prove invaluable in finding nuggets of clinical information.

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine

This recently revamped Website has a large collection of resources related to answering clinical questions, from asking a focused question to finding and appraising the evidence.

ClinicalQuestions Collection

This large collection of “real” questions posed by health care providers in clinical settings is funded by the National Library of Medicine. Unfortunately, no answers are provided, but the site offers a list of real-world clinical questions. The intention is to generate a rich set of questions, thereby fostering research in these areas.

Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs)

This database is an interesting attempt to record clinical uncertainties with a view to improving both primary and secondary research procurement. Created and run by Iain Chalmers, one of the founders of the Cochrane Library, it identifies research studies that are relevant to a question.