Tuesday, October 7, 2008

iGoogle - and maybe you should as well

iGoogle is a customizable Web “start page”that automatically loads when your Web browser launches or when you click on the browser “home” button. iGoogle supports the use of specially developed "gadgets" to display content on your home page. These gadgets vary from the useful to the whimsical. For example, on my iGoogle page, I have the time and date; a list I created of frequently used Websites as bookmarks; a Google news feed with the 5 top stories; the weather in lovely Hixson, TN; a quick search area for Wikipedia; a link to my Gmail; and the Google driving directions tool. You can create a second page on iGoogle with an additional tab, and I have some other things on this.

To get started, launch www.google.com. Then click at the top of the page on “more.” This will present a pull-down menu, from which you select “even more” at the bottom. This will bring you to “More Google Products” where you see a list on the left under “Search.” Go down to iGoogle and click to get started. You can “add stuff” from your new iGoogle start page – the link is on the far right side. Once you have selected the gadgets you want, you have the ability to customize the look with themes and also drag the individual elements around on the start page to your heart’s content.