Friday, January 12, 2007

Find peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials with MERLOT

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching,) is an organization devoted to improving the current and future academic technology needs of faculty, students, staff, and institutions through a collaborative framework. As a MERLOT member, you can: create your own personal collection of learning resources from a repository of over 15,000 materials. With more than 40,000 members, this is truly a community of peers with a passion for online learning. Through MERLOT, you may share advice and expertise about education with colleagues; contribute your own learning materials, comments on learning resource you've used add an assignment to a learning material.

I have found a great deal of useful educational material through MERLOT. In MERLOT, you can search for a specific topic or visit a Discipline Community. These communities include: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Health Sciences, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, Teacher Education, Teaching and Technology, and World Languages. The amount of material specific to medical education has grown significantly over the four years I have used it. There is even a nice unit on Teaching Health Sciences with Technology was developed by the Health Sciences Editorial Board to assist instructors using MERLOT materials.

What really makes MERLOT effective is that the material is peer reviewed by editorial boards of content experts. This really keeps out the junk. Check out the unit called Neuroscience for Kids – very nice. A nice feature is that you can develop a Personal Collections of learning material. Searching and organization is pretty simple.

Have a taste of the MERLOT Health Science Portal at: